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Subtitling videos on social media is one way to make that content accessible to more people. However, on Instagram, people have been missing a feature dedicated to creating automatic subtitles. Recently the platform started testing a new feature which would be an “Audio Transcription Stick” called “Captions” or “Subtitles” in Portuguese.

  • Instagram tests automatic subtitles in stories, but with a catch

With more and more videos on Instagram, this is a much needed feature. But even in tests, this tool is not available in all languages ​​and it is not yet available for Brazil.

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Today I’ve come to share some tips with you! Did you know that there are some apps that offer automatic subtitling for your videos? Whether on your reels or Instagram stories, you can generate subtitles very easily. Do you know how to do it!

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CapCut (Android | iOS)

Anyone following Canaltech’s articles must have heard of CapCut, right? It’s a video editing application that offers very comprehensive tools even in the free version. With a quick and intuitive design, it’s very easy to learn how to edit in it. It also has excellent voice recognition for video transcripts. Well worth checking out!

MixCaptions (Android | iOS)

MixCapations is already an application dedicated solely to creating subtitles. With it you can generate subtitles, create new styles, adjust the position of words and much more. You can even test special fonts for Instagram and TikTok in it.

Ah! And see how cool: you can also import and export subtitles in the STR file format. For example, you can publish compatible subtitles in other video players such as VLC.

Subtitles (iOS)

Now, if you want to create dynamic and animated subtitles for your Stories or TikToks videos, the Subtitles app can be a great option.

Ultimately, in addition to the automatic generation of subtitles, the application also offers a number of customization tools. You can change styles and colors, and even add animation to your subtitles. Pretty cool right?

That’s it! Now you know some apps that can help you subtitle your stories on Instagram. Did you like these tips? Share this article with your friends!

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