Almost everything about the A15 Bionic Chip | by Asish Raz | Sep 2021


A15 bionics chip

As I am a great admirer of the creativity of the Apple company, I always end up Googleing its products about the thought of making these cool gadgets even though I never thought about buying any. : P

A few days ago Apple launched the iPhone 13 and, as always, it goes beyond the imagination with the introduction of the A15 bionic chip. A chip that claims to be the fastest chip in a smartphone. Let’s see what it has:

A15 functions
5nm technology
  • Nanometeras we know, a billionth of a meter, which is the length of the transistor gate [the smaller the gate the more processing power that can be packed into a given space.]
  • To create this small unit you need extremely expensive equipment and now you have a little idea why apple phones are expensive. 😉

[Note:- AMD, Qualcomm, Intel also uses the 5nm process]

15 billion transistors
  • Transistors play a very important role in the processing and storage of data on chips. It is a core circuit element.
  • Last year the iPhone had 12 11.8 billion transistors on the A14 chip.
Core CPU processors
  • processor– Executes every command and performs billions of calculations per second. The more power the processor has, the more tasks you can do with your device and at high speed.
  • core– an element of the processor that implements and performs tasks. Higher core count processor much better for the software.
  • The highly efficient core is designed for graphics-intensive tasks, and Apple claims that the iphone13 offers 30% faster graphics than the competition, ideal for any mobile game.

[Note:- iPhone 13 will have 4 GPU cores and the iPhone 13 pro will have 5]

Core neural engine
  • Using a neural engine, Apple implements neural networks and machine learning that 15.8 trillion Operations per second.
  • It will be the fastest in image processing and ML calculations.
  • The ML model was trained by 20 million photos

That’s it.

All of the above features become secondary as the most important thing for the legitimate Apple customer is “The Charger”. 😁


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