LearnExperts raises $ 1.25 million in seed funding to accelerate digital training solutions


An Ottawa-based startup raised more than $ 1 million in seed capital to improve its course development platform.

LearnExperts, founded in 2019 by Sarah Sedgman, raised $ 1.25 million from Sand Hill North, the MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund, the Capital Angel Network, the Maple Leaf Angels of Toronto, and the Georgian Angel Network.

With 20 years of experience at technology companies like Cognis, IBM and Kinaxis, Sedgman wanted to revolutionize the learning technology industry. She has developed a digital platform for creating courses that is powered by AI and automatically converts existing content into an educational course.

“We combine AI and human logic to quickly create courses with an integrated advisor, so your courses look like they were created by an expert.”

Named the LearnExperts Artificial Intelligence (LEAi) users can start with existing digital materials (text, videos, photos) and convert them into an online training program with one click.

“We want to deliver exceptional value by creating courses that feel like magic,” said David Dewar, vice president of technology and user experience at LearnExperts. “We combine AI and human logic to quickly create courses with an integrated advisor, so your courses look like they were created by an expert.”

With the funding raised, the startup wants to expand its lead in the market for digital training solutions.

The global e-learning market is experiencing rapid growth as it is projected to skyrocket from $ 144 billion in 2019 to $ 374.3 billion by 2026. As the COVID-19 pandemic forced shutdowns and self-isolation, online learning became the standard for most students to safely continue their education at home.

However, there is also evidence that massive online open courses – or MOOCs – saw a surge in enrollments during the pandemic.

MOOCs are free e-learning platforms that are accessible to everyone around the world. People can start and complete any program of their choice at their own pace. These courses are not required and the students are mostly people looking to learn a new skill or hobby.

Kursra, a company that offers MOOCs, recorded 10.3 million registrations in 30 days, 644 percent more than in the previous year. The platform also received over five million new registrations during the pandemic, offering its university partners free access to 3800 courses and 500 specializations, and issuing free certificates for some courses.

As a separate industry, the MOOC market is currently worth $ 5.6 billion and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 32.09 percent through 2025.

In one Study 2021 by Chris Impey and Martin Formanek, they found that the largest increase in attendance was in courses in technical skills such as neural networks, courses in soft skills such as communication, and courses in hobbies and leisure.


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