Radiology Associates, PA first practice in Arkansas and partner with Rad AI. a


The partnership with Rad AI includes cutting edge AI to improve the quality and speed of radiology reports

We believe our partnership with Rad AI will allow us to maintain this kind of technology leadership, and the Rad AI Omni will be a powerful tool for our radiologists. “

– Benjamin J. Bartnicke, chief executive officer of Radiology Associates, PA

LITTLE ROCK, AR, USA, September 16, 2021 / – Radiology Associates, PA (RAPA), a nationally recognized leader in the introduction of innovative new technologies, has announced that it will enter into a long-term partnership Wheel AI. RAPA will use Rad AI’s advanced technology to create custom cast radiology reports and consensus recommendations. RAPA has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, serving 25 hospitals in south, central and northwest Arkansas and more than 100 clinical practices, including 4 outpatient imaging facilities.

“Our practice is at the forefront of innovation in radiology and builds on our tradition of leading the way in transformative technologies that will ultimately prove to be the gold standard for radiology practices,” said Benjamin J. Bartnicke, chief executive officer of Radiology Associates, PA. “We believe that our partnership with Rad AI will enable us to maintain this kind of technology leadership, and the Rad AI Omni will be a powerful tool for our radiologists. “

Rad AI automatically generates an adapted impression based on the findings and clinical indications dictated by the radiologist using the most modern neural networks. It learns each radiologist’s language preferences from all of their previous reports to create an impression that the radiologist can easily review and finalize. Rad AI also improves the accuracy and consistency of reports by ensuring that critical incidental findings are taken into account, the most important clinical question is answered, and consensus guideline recommendations for follow-up are provided. The impression appears in the practice’s speech recognition software as soon as the radiologist has finished dictating the findings, without any clicks, hotkeys or new windows.

“After reviewing a number of AI solutions, we felt that Rad AI’s approach to reporting and automated impression generation really helps us achieve benefits for all study types and subspecialties – not just a single study type or one individual sub-specialty as with most AI providers. ” said Jeff Wieler, CIO at RAPA. “We also appreciated the transparency of Rad AI with their product roadmap and their immediate responsiveness to feedback. The ability to see into the future and constantly adapt is critical to technology tools. We are of the opinion that Rad AI understands this level of foresight and agility. “

“We are excited about our long-term partnership with RAPA to implement Rad AI Omni in your practice,” said Dr. Jeff Chang, ER radiologist and co-founder of Rad AI. “While a leader in radiology AI requires a carefully crafted, state-of-the-art product, it also requires innovative radiology practices to leverage these solutions. RAPA is a typical example of this type of practice. “
About Radiology Associates, PA:

Radiology Associates, PA serves 25 hospitals in south, central, and northwest Arkansas and more than 100 clinical practices, including 4 RAPA outpatient imaging facilities. Not only has RAPA recruited Arkansas’s best and brightest doctors from UAMS, but it has also attracted radiologists from the best programs in the country, including the Mallinckrodt Institute at Washington University, the University of Michigan, Duke University, Southwestern University in Dallas, the Massachusetts General Hospital, and the University of Oklahoma. Among our many radiologists, we have doctors with fellowship training in almost all radiological specialties.

Over the past 20 years, we have expanded and improved our practice across the state of Arkansas. We also partnered with the St. Vincent Health System to open the St. Vincent Breast Center. For more than 100 years, we have worked not only to build a network of resources, but also to establish a legacy of compassion for Arkansans with health needs. We continue to work tirelessly to keep Arkansas updated with an innovative, state-of-the-art outpatient facility that meets the needs of our advanced medical community.

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About bike AI:

Rad AI aims to streamline the radiology workflow, save time for radiologists and improve reporting consistency while helping to reduce radiologist burnout. Co-founded by the youngest US radiologist, Rad AI works with some of the largest and most innovative radiology practices in the US and is expanding rapidly. Rad AI is based in Berkeley, Calif. And is backed by Gradient (Google’s AI fund that invests in the top companies using AI to make positive changes in their fields).

Learn more about Rad AI at or on Twitter @radai.

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