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Honor, a Chinese technology company, announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to develop AI and other end-user devices and that the upcoming Honor MagicBook V 14 will be one of the first laptops to come pre-installed with Windows 11.

Dr. Hou Yang, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft GCR, said, “With the advent of hybrid work and environmental intelligence, customers want more convenience, security, and better interactions from their mobile computing devices, systems, and applications for both work and home.

“Microsoft hopes to accelerate the integrated development of software and hardware intelligence by continuously deepening and expanding our strategic collaboration with Honor to bring a richer end-user experience.”

A fair bargain

Honor, a sub-brand of the Chinese company Huawei, which was sold in 2020 to allow the company to “survive a difficult period”, has since achieved solo success.

Now that it has emerged from Huawei’s shadow, Honor mobile devices have regained access to features like the Google Play Store that are popular across the West and could help win the former parent company over.

Honor will create and adapt existing AI language and translation services on Microsoft Azure to support Smart Assistant YOYO.

We’ll also see how Microsoft and Honor work together to develop computer, laptop, and productivity programs that can help them achieve their goal of creating a ‘1 + 8 + N’ ecosystem (which feeds into ecosystem development ).

We’ve waited for the first information so we can learn which companies will be selling the first wave of Windows 11 laptops, and while we know there won’t be an issue, we didn’t expect Honor to be on the front of the line.

Honor’s MagicBook series has already proven to be inexpensive with the MagicBook 14 (2021) and the MagicBook Pro. With Microsoft on board, we’ve seen some interesting advances in the computer hardware market as a result of this collaboration.

Is an ecosystem in the works?

In fact, ecosystems are one of the things Chinese tech companies do well. Due to various blacklists from nations like the US and UK against companies like Huawei, we rarely see it in other parts of the world. With cloud databases, smartphones, computing devices, and smartwatches, it has developed a thriving ecosystem comparable to Apple’s.

Of course, other companies have tried, with varying degrees of success, to create a self-contained device bubble to attract customers, but the attempts by Samsung and Google have failed because of Apple’s triumphs.

But here’s the thing: if you’ve ever seen a Nest thermostat, you know it’s far from perfect. It’s possible Microsoft lays all of its eggs in an honor-shaped basket, but since it has been said that this relationship will lead to AI and end-user devices, we could see other well-rounded ecosystems evolve that finally challenge Apple.

Smart devices and AI are just gaining traction, and while Honor is not yet known in the US, it is known in China for its expertise in smart home technology. It takes both sides to overcome the current cultural and political obstacles, but any rivalry is acceptable to prevent a monopoly on technological ecosystems.


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