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LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, Aug. 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Electrify America and NFI Industries today announced plans for the nation’s largest charging infrastructure project to support heavy electric trucks with 34 ultra-fast DC chargers, due for completion by December 2023. As the largest open DC fast charging network in the US, Electrify America was selected to provide charging solutions including site configuration and power management services.

“Electrify America is constantly innovating to advance the EV industry, and this milestone project is the latest example of the company’s leadership in thinking bigger and bolder the future of mobility,” said Rachel Moses, director of commercial services, business development & green cities at Electrify America. “We are delighted to be working with NFI and look forward to installing the first commercial charging station of its kind to power this fleet of electric trucks.”

With ambitious electrification goals and a look to the future of freight transport, NFI will deploy 60 battery-electric drayage trucks, making it the first 100% emission-free fleet operator and truck shop in California. The Joint Electric Truck Scaling Initiative or “JETSI” project will help fund 50 of the trucks, with 10 more Volvo VNR Electrics being funded by Volvo Trucks North America and SWITCH-ON.

The charging infrastructure to support this fleet will be installed at the NFI facility in Ontario, California, and will include 150 kW and 350 kW ultra-fast chargers. The chargers will serve NFI’s growing fleet of battery-electric trucks used for drayage in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, picking up containers from the ports and shipping them back to the Ontario facility. To increase resilience, use renewable electricity and reduce running costs, several megawatts (MW) of decentralized energy resources (DER) are merged with the charging infrastructure, including photovoltaics (PV) and energy storage.

“As NFI continues to lead the way in supply chain sustainability and minimize the industry’s environmental impact, there are many elements that need to be aligned to ensure we continue to make progress,” said Bill Bliem, NFI’s senior vice president of Fleet Services. “Through our experience, we have learned that the right partners, technologies and access to a safe, reliable and fast charging infrastructure are essential for the successful implementation of electric vehicles. We are excited to have this opportunity to work with the charging infrastructure experts at Electrify America as we go beyond our demonstration projects and scale our facility infrastructure in Ontario to support a 100% electric drayage fleet. ”

In addition to the investments made by NFI and Electrify America, the charging infrastructure project for electric trucks is being supported in part by a joint project between the California Air Resources Board, the California Energy Commission and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (the Joint Electric Truck Scaling Initiative, JETSI ” Project) to drive the introduction of electric fleets.

This announcement follows Electrify America’s second Green City investment to advance charging electrification for public transportation and heavy electric vehicles in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, including the Wilmington neighborhood of Los Angeles. The new initiative by Electrify America and NFI will continue efforts to reduce the negative impact of emissions in this predominantly disadvantaged and low-income community (64 percent of Long Beach and the Wilmington neighborhood of Los Angeles are managed by the California Air Resources Board).

Electrify America network expansion

In addition to selling charging solutions to those investing in electrification, Electrify America continues its mission to drive EV adoption among everyday drivers. The company recently announced its “Boost Plan” to more than double its current EV charging infrastructure in the US and Canada. More than 1,800 ultra-fast charging stations and 10,000 individual chargers are expected to be installed by the end of 2025, increasing the use of 150 and 350 kilowatt chargers – 350 kW is currently the fastest commercially available speed – and paving the way for more electric vehicles in North America.

About Electrify America

Electrify America LLC, the largest open DC fast charging network in the United States, is investing $ 2 billion in infrastructure, education, and access for Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) over a 10-year period. The investment will enable millions of Americans to discover the benefits of electric driving and help build a nationwide network of convenient and reliable workplace, community and highway chargers. Electrify America expects a total of more than 1,700 charging stations with over 9,500 chargers by the end of 2025. During this period, the company will expand to 49 states and the District of Columbia, fulfilling its commitment to support the increasing adoption of ZEV with a network that is comprehensive, technologically advanced, and customer-friendly. Electrify America was recognized by umlaut, an independent testing and validation company, with the 2020 EV Charging Infrastructure Best-in-Test award as published in Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine, highlighting the company’s accessibility and seamless customer experience. Electrify America’s Electrify Home® provides consumers with home charging solutions with flexible installation options. Electrify Commercial® provides expert solutions for companies looking to develop charging programs for electric vehicles. More information is available at www.electrifyamerica.com and media.electrifyamerica.com.

About NFI

NFI is a fully integrated North American supply chain solutions provider headquartered in Camden, New Jersey. Privately owned by the Brown family since its inception in 1932, NFI has annual sales of more than $ 2.6 billion and employs over 14,500 people. NFI owns facilities worldwide and operates more than 50 million square feet of warehouse and distribution space. The dedicated fleet consists of over 4,500 tractors and 12,500 trailers operated by 3,900 company drivers and building partnerships with 500 owners. NFI has a significant drayage presence in almost every major US port and leverages the services of an additional 1,500 owner operators. The company’s business areas include dedicated transport, distribution, brokerage, transport management, port transport, intermodal, global logistics and real estate. For more information on NFI, visit www.nfiindustries.com or call 1-877-NFI-3777.

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