Phil Hellmuth Reveals All About Doug Polk Podcast [Poker Profits]


The record-breaking 15-time WSOP bracelet winner shared his thoughts on his victories over rival PokerGo star. Daniel Negreanu – Explain how Negreanu tried to get under your skin and why he feels that this strategy ultimately backfired.

Phil Hellmuth would also respond to the fact that he was branded a 3/2 underdog against Negreanu and debated a little bit heatedly about his success or lack of it in high roller cash games Doug Polk.

A confident, commanding Hellmuth explained how he found his Canadian opponent to be a little overconfident when he came up in the recent High Stakes Duel II fight.

“He (Negreanu) attacked my inheritance,” claims Hellmuth. “In the first match he was condescending, like he was taking me apart,” he continues.

“Ooh, I’m ahead of schedule, ooh, I’m right on schedule” – Hellmuth embodies Negreanu’s derision.

He suggests that Negreanu, the player who typically uses a GTO style of play, felt that beating the veteran poker veteran was a foregone conclusion. He also mentions how Negreanu has criticized his moves in previous games – he’s targeting a modern, purely statistical game of poker:

“Listen … just because your math Bible says I play badly – it doesn’t mean I play badly.”

It appears that Hellmuth’s willingness to deviate from the commands of the “mathematical Bible” has proven to be a successful strategy. He stated that he personally invested $ 200,000 in the High Stakes Duel games, which he then doubled down and then doubled again.

Considering his numerous victories, Hellmuth said he believed Negreanu’s demeanor got the most out of him and made a lot of people in the community volunteer for the American – many of whom would normally not have supported him.

He named the host Polk as one of the people who would not ordinarily favor him in his high profile endeavors. The two began discussing Hellmuth’s ability to perform outside of major tournaments.

Polk admits that Hellmuth has an inviolable record examining his performance in tournaments like the WSOP. However, he believes it’s a different story when it comes to his ROI on high roller cash games. The host goes on to say that people in the high roller scene see Hellmuth as a spot.

As might be expected, Hellmuth vehemently denied these claims. He points out that he makes $ 1.8 million in profit as a high roller player and says it was just a few questionable, half-hearted live appearances on PokerCentral that earned him that reputation.

He went on to say that he has played in some high roller games lately – and that he has come across some younger players who he believes have disrespected him in certain places.

“I saw a guy who was very disrespectful to me. Complete idiots. Some of these young guys are just total assholes. ”

It seems that the cocky approach that much of the younger generation is adopting is pushing Hellmuth in the wrong direction. He is annoyed that he has always done what he deserves at poker in his time, but does not seem to receive the same recognition and respect from today’s climbers.

For Phil Hellmuth, there certainly seems to be a lot going on. Another big upcoming bet against Daniel Negreanu – who bet him 2/1 that he can’t break over 50 high rollers. He has also taken on a partner position at a venture capital firm – a move that could set him on the path to making a billion dollars.

Hear more about Hellmuth’s thoughts and future plans on the Doug Polk Podcast – where you can hear the endlessly entertaining gamer discuss everything from his upcoming game against Tom Dwan to his Bitcoin investment ventures.


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