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Sofia, August 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Lucid Blue Ventures partnership

CredefiThe latest addition to the ecosystem coincided with news of Credefi’s new strategic partnership with Lucid Blue Ventures. The fund became a direct investor and advisor to Credefi and both teams pooled their expertise and focused on Credefi’s future interoperability goals.

Lucid Blue Ventures has an impressive portfolio of supported projects focused on DeFi, gaming and NFTs such as Cryptonovae, Fanadise and Ulti Arena. In addition, Lucid Blue’s managing partner, Yechuan (Charlie) Hu, will directly oversee Credefi on its journey to deploy ecosystems and implement key management techniques.

Marshland Capital Partnership

The second major partnership that Credefi has entered into to further strengthen its position in the ever-growing DeFi space is with none other than industry giant Marshland Capital.
Marshland has been on Team Credefi’s “wish list” for a long time, due to the tremendous expertise and support the fund can bring to Credefi’s ambitious goals. The VC has been involved in a long list of highly successful projects as both a strategic advisor and investor. Marshland Capital has worked on disruptive projects such as SingularityDAO (DeFi and AI), LaunchX (Launchpad),
Manifold Finance (DeFi Multiprotocol), EQIFI (DeFi Protocol) and 2Crazy (NFTs), to name a few. Credefi is now officially the next revolutionary project that Marshland has devoted its rich resources to. The VC is one of the most influential and respected venture capital funds in the world.
To put it in her own words – “We are looking for people with not only great ideas, but also great implementations. We not only invest capital, but also our time and enormous network resources. “
Here the visions of Credefi and Marshland fit together perfectly and promote a pioneering symbiosis.

Magnus Capital partnership

Credefi’s partnership with Magnus Capital was the third major step towards more firmly establishing the protocol as a major project in the DeFi scene.
The focus and expertise of Magnus Capital manifest themselves in digital assets with a special affinity for decentralized finance. Magnus Capital directly connects the future of the digital economy with innovation, diversity and scalability.
The amount and quality of work they have done along with the projects in their portfolio is more than obvious. The list of successful partnerships speaks for itself. These include DAO Maker, Gourmet Galaxy, Cere, PokaFoundry, Collateral DeFi, LaunchX, UniLend, MahaDAO, Blank Wallet, Fusible, Origin Protocol and many more.
This shows Magnus Capital’s professional approach and commitment to being a company with a clear and opportunistic vision, which in turn fully matches and sets a good example in Credefi’s pursuit of innovation and financial revolution.

The importance of such strategic partnerships in the industry is manifested in the innovation they bring to the crypto space. The use case of Credefi is obvious and the ever growing community of DeFi investors who choose to trust their capital to robust DeFi protocols is growing. Credefi’s revolutionary 3-layer security mechanism combined with the stability of its growing partnership and advisory network creates a synergy that may disrupt the DeFi sector for years to come.

-Ivo Grigorov (CEO, Credefi) –
“Our partnership with Lucid Blue Ventures, Marshland Capital and Magnus Capital is invaluable. They combine the best of both worlds in DeFi – extensive expertise and guidance, provided by the best blockchain technology! Everyone at Credefi is proud, grateful and excited about this big step! “

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