Top Data Science Quiz To Try In 2021


by samhitha

August 22, 2021

Analytics Insight created the top data science quizzes to help you become a pro.

The data in this technology-driven world is increasing. As the data increases, so does the need to analyze, interpret, and separate the data. This brings the demand for data scientists into the picture. But master the ability to be a data scientist. Understanding what your self worth is in order to excel professionally is extremely important. And for this we have put together for you the top data science quizzes that you must try in 2021 to check your level of knowledge and understanding in the field of data science, with which you have a clear idea of ​​the area of ​​improvement and can become a professional in data science.

So here’s the list:

1. Gramener’s data science quiz. Inc

Gramener Inc is a data analysis and storytelling company that uses cutting-edge technology to extract insights from big data and share them as stories for easy consumption. Gramener helps business users accelerate decision making. This quiz consists of a total of 10 questions that you have to answer within the given time.

Click here to try the quiz.

2. Data Science Quiz from Proprofs Quiz

Proprofs Quiz is a platform with several quiz questions on different topics. This particular quiz contains 25 data science questions. It has 4990 attempts.

Click here to try the quiz.

3. Data Science Quiz by Jan Bask Training

Data Science’s online practice test allows you to look deeper and examine your data analysis and logistics skills. The short quiz will also help you figure out if you are best suited to become a data scientist or there are certain subject areas that you need to practice. The test consists of ten multiple choice questions that can be answered in 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Click here to try the quiz.

4. Data Science Quiz from Simplilearn

If you are on your way to becoming a data scientist, you need to be ready to impress potential employers with your knowledge. This quiz is more like an interview question format that will help you fully prepare for a data scientist interview.

Click here to try the quiz.

5. TestGorilla’s Data Science Quiz

This data science test evaluates candidates’ skills in key data science topics such as statistics, machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning. The test is designed to help you identify entry-level and intermediate-level data scientists.

Click here to try the quiz.

6. 78 IntelliPaat Data Science interview questions

Again, this is more of a job interview to help you crack the best job as a data scientist and excel in your skills and test your intellect in data science.

Click here to try the quiz.

7. Introduction to data science through quizzes

This quiz is really focused on professional development, has an essence for the introduction of a complex topic like data science and has a basic level of difficulty.

Click here to try the quiz.

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