IIIT-H technology provides speech-to-speech translation into nine Indian languages



Hyderabad: If all you want to do is speak Telugu and have a chat with someone who speaks Bengali then you know the struggle involved.

Many apps and technologies help translate regional languages ​​into English, but none offer the convenience of translating one regional language into another regional language.

However, language barriers are about to change as a project is being carried out by the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Hyderabad as part of their Indian language translation initiative.

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The IIIT-H, which penetrated the artificial speech recognition project under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s Indian Language Development Initiative (TDIL) (also known as Bahu Bhashik), has further pushed the boundaries of translation. As part of this project, the institute plans to offer language translation into nine Indian languages ​​with immediate effect and to include more in the future.

This technology can also be used by start-ups and companies looking for regional languages ​​to communicate with their customers, emphasizes Prof. Ramesh Loganathan, head of the research and innovation area IIIT-Hyderabad.

“The customer can speak in their native language and then the web-based APIs (Application Programming Interface) will translate into the language of the system and retrieve information. Then this information is translated again into the language chosen by the customer to provide input on the question asked. Every startup can use our solution to develop their skills in the regional language, ”says Prof. Loganathan.

While the translation is not currently done in real time and has already been used in companies and customer meetings, the institute hopes to be able to expand the range of the project in the future. The institute, which was a pioneer in translation and understanding of the Indian language, created datasets to help machines communicate better in Indian languages.

“The Bahu Bhashik project is unique and will help to break down the language barrier in our country. It will help native speakers of the regional language gain access to more products and offerings in sectors such as e-commerce, tourism and hospitality, banking and others, ”says Prof. PJ Narayanan, Director, IIIT-H.

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