Question Time: Different figures on per capita income lead to discussions in the Haryana assembly


A large variation in Haryana’s per capita income numbers, when comparing income data collected under the state government’s Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) and Prime Minister Manohar Lal Khattar’s budget speech earlier this year, sparked discussion during the Question time on Friday.

Congress MLA of NIT Faridabad, Neeraj Sharma, who asked a question on per capita income and per family income according to the PPP scheme, said the per capita income is in Haryana, according to the PPP database ₹61,558 while it was ₹2,39,535 according to the state’s 2020-21 economic survey.

Sharma also wanted to know if the government will provide financial compensation to citizens if the database is breached and misused.

In response to the question, Khattar informed the House of Representatives that the income data in the PPP was collected based on the information provided by the families themselves, along with the number of members. He said the income data verification process is currently underway.

Currently about 54.73 lakh families have a self-declared income of about 2.20 crore of their families in PPP with a total income of ₹1.35.724 crore.

The per capita income and the per family income are calculated ₹61,558 and ₹2.47.962 or

He said self-declared income is verified through digital media from other available databases maintained by the central or state government and physical verification by specially established committees. Verification of income is also carried out through a digital medium using the National Direct Tax Office’s income tax database.

The CM said that per capita income according to the PPP database is different from per capita income calculated on the basis of gross domestic product.

Officials later said the PPP database still lacks income statistics for the entire population and people with high net worth may not have signed up to share their income details as PPP registration is voluntary.

Meanwhile, Khattar announced to House that about 2.20 crore people (from about 2.54 crore) in the state have given their signed consent by registering for PPP by August 18.

He said the PPP database serves as metadata for the distribution of all government programs, subsidies, services and benefits.

Integration of government programs, subsidies, services and benefits into PPP is currently in progress and the work is expected to be completed in the next three months.

Once integrated, it will be possible to proactively deliver citizen services anytime, anywhere without the need for documents as the data available in the PPP database will be pre-checked, he said.

When Tosham’s MLA Congress Kiran Choudhry raised the issue of the security of this database, the CM assured that the data was completely secure.

“It will not be used for any other purpose, nor will it be passed on to a private agency. The data in the PPP database is securely stored in the government cloud. The only portal works on an authorized user basis and no one has had open access to the stored data, ”he said.

‘136 FIRs Registered Against Farmers Protesting Agricultural Laws’

The government of Haryana informed the House of Representatives on Friday that to date 136 first information reports (FIRs) have been registered against the farmers who protested against the three central farm laws.

In a written response submitted in response to a question from Congress MLAs Bharat Bhushan Batra and Jagbir Malik, the government said it also registered two FIRs against the farmers under Section 124-A (riot) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) became.

This information was presented to the gathering during Question Time on behalf of Anil Vij State Interior Minister, who was unable to attend the gathering for health reasons.


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