Kaizen Secure Voiz voice biometrics, passive liveness detection selected for contact centers


The contact center service provider Invita Bahrain has chosen Kaizen Secure Voiz’s voice biometrics for identity verification, voice authorization, voice analysis and digit recognition for passcode entry.

KSV’s voice biometrics protects Invita customers from identity theft and fraud, while at the same time offering an improved customer experience, according to the companies. The integration simplifies and secures the entire transaction lifecycle for businesses and consumers, says Invita.

“Today’s consumers are operating in a digital-first world and expect to be able to trust technology to protect them from emerging threats. Identity verification has never been more relevant, ”comments Rahul Bhalla, CEO of Invita. “Rapid advances in artificial intelligence are enabling novel forms of fraud, which means that technologies like KSV’s are critical in this battle.”

KSV also says that its passive biometric liveness detection combined with its AI-powered digit recognition eliminates actions that could be mimicked using deepfake technology.

“Consumers want a simple, seamless experience. We are proud to partner with INVITA to scale our leading voice biometrics and liveliness detection technologies, ”said Ashok Krish, CEO of KSV. “This move accelerates our vision of being the industry’s center of excellence to fight fraud more seamlessly without annoying customers.”

KSV was recently identified as a key player in the voice biometrics market in a forecast that the modality will generate sales of $ 3.9 billion by 2026.

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