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AI technologies are making continuous advances in areas such as industrial robotics, logistics, speech recognition and translation, banking, medicine, and advanced scientific research. But in almost every case, the cutting-edge AI that drives progress falls out of focus and becomes almost invisible when it becomes part of the overall system.

The fact that the majority of AI usage today is invisible can lead to the mistaken belief that it is not delivering the expected value. We have also seen some in the ranks of executives treat AI as a buzzword that doesn’t deserve focus. This is likely another result of the fact that the more AI becomes invisible the more it takes hold.

If your competition becomes apathetic to AI, they may be doing you a favor. So that your organization is doing them a favor, here are our recommendations for your approach to an AI strategy.

Our most strategic recommendation when it comes to AI and your business is to make sure the leadership team is engaged and owns the strategy. Defining a strategy and leading it to optimal results is the task of your management team. Find out about the state of AI and the experiences of other companies that can help you with it.

This is the most important of our four recommendations for managing AI. Our full list is:

  1. Ensure leadership engagement and set the strategic vision
  2. Organize successfully
  3. Think deeply about data, algorithms, infrastructure, technical talent, and risk
  4. Build in AI security and look for an independent assessment of your AI risk situation

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Percipient AI CEO Balan Ayyar on the real application of AI on critical missions

Balan Ayyar is the founder and CEO of Percipient.ai, a Silicon Valley-based artificial intelligence company focused on delivering products and solutions to the most pressing intelligence and national security challenges. In this OODAcon discussion, Balan describes his approach to applying AI to some of the country’s most important / serious problems.

Michael Kanaan, author of T-Minus AI, discusses artificial intelligence and global power

Michael Kanaan has helped many decision makers better understand the nature of AI. He has a knack for making complex issues clear, concise, and concise, and many of us in the national security community have had the pleasure of hearing from him in person or at conferences. His book, T-Minus AI: Humanity’s Countdown to Artificial Intelligence and the New Pursuit of Global Power, provides context and insight in ways that can help concerned citizens and business leaders better understand the problems of AI. He calls us all to action to find out more, because as he makes clear in the book, the countdown to AI is actually over.

Congressman Will Hurd on AI, 5G, cybersecurity risks, and geopolitical risks

In this OODAcast, OODA CEO Matt Devost interviews Congressman Will Hurd in a wide-ranging discussion that will address issues of geopolitical risk, cybersecurity, cyber risk, and ways to ensure our nation is competitive and victorious in an age of rapid technological innovation is. Quantum computing, artificial intelligence, advanced communications (5G) and other megatrends in technology are examined as well as insights into leadership in the modern world. See also Will Hurd’s opinion article in OODAloop entitled The future of AI politics is largely unwritten

AI Security: Four Things to Focus On Now

This is the only security framework we’ve seen that helps prevent AI problems before they develop.

A guide for decision-makers on artificial intelligence

This simple English overview gives you the insights you need to help drive business decisions

When artificial intelligence goes wrong

By investigating problems, we can help alleviate them. And unfortunately there is a long history of AI going wrong to help us develop mitigation methods.

AI will test American values ​​on the battlefield

How will military leaders deal with AI that troops might treat as expendable assets to win the “game”?

Black swans and gray rhinos

Today more than ever, companies need to give careful thought to business risks and opportunities. It is helpful to understand the concepts embodied in the terms Black Swan and Gray Rhino. See: Potential Future Opportunities, Risks, and Mitigation Strategies in the Age of Persistent Crisis

Cybersecurity Sensemaking: Strategic Intelligence for Your Decision Making

OODA’s leadership and analysts have decades of experience in understanding and countering cybersecurity threats and apply this real-world knowledge in our research and reporting. This page on the site is a compilation of the best of our actionable research, as well as a news stream from our daily coverage of cybersecurity threats and countermeasures. See: Cybersecurity Sensemaking

Corporate sensemaking: establishing an intelligent company

OODA’s executives and analysts have decades of direct experience helping companies improve their ability to understand their current environment and evaluate the best courses of action for future success. This also includes support in developing competitive intelligence and corporate intelligence skills. Our special series on the Intelligent Enterprise highlights research results and reports that can accelerate any company on its way to optimized intelligence. See: Corporate Sensemaking

Sensemaking with artificial intelligence: Use this megatrend for a competitive advantage

This page serves as a dynamic resource for members of the OODA network looking for information about Artificial Intelligence to help advance their decision making process. This includes a special guide for executives who want to make the most of AI in their company. See: Sensemaking with Artificial Intelligence

COVID-19 Sensemaking: What’s Next for Businesses and Governments

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have focused on researching what might come next and what we can do about it today. This section of the website captures the best of our coverage as well as daily daily information as well as references to reputable information from other websites. See: OODA COVID-19 Sensemaking Page.

Space Sensemaking: What Your Company Needs To Know Now

A dynamic resource for members of the OODA network seeking insights into current and future developments in space, including a dedicated space guide. See: space sensors

Quantum Computing Sensemaking

OODA is one of the few independent research sources experienced in due diligence of quantum computing and quantum security companies and capacities. Our practitioners’ perspective on evidence ensures that our research is based on reality. See: Quantum Computing Sensemaking.

The OODAcast video and podcast series

In 2020 we launched the OODAcast video and podcast series, which is designed to provide you with insightful analysis and information to support your decision-making process. We do this through a series of expert interviews and up-to-date videos that shed light on global technologies such as cybersecurity, AI, quantum computing, as well as discussions on global risk and opportunity issues. See: The OODAcast


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