iFLYTEK is sailing into a bright future with a scientific spirit


HEFEI, China, July 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A June 22, 2021, iFLYTEK celebrated its 22nd birthdaynd Birthday and remembered the occasion with a thank you to the community.

This pandemic has highlighted the positive benefits of adopting artificial intelligence and serves as evidence of its practicality. Only days before China annual college entrance examination, the Guangdong Province experienced a resurgence of COVID-19. iFLYTEK worked with others to ensure that no student missed this life-changing test. IFLYTEK Testing Service Center in Guangzhou looks after more than 50 million students.

This year iFLYTEK has set itself the goal of “reaching one billion users, 100 billion in sales and an ecosystem worth one trillion”. To achieve this, iFLYTEK established the Systematic Innovation and Strategic Center as part of our journey to rapid growth. Some highlights of iFLYTEK’s growth in 2021 are:

  • Programs started in Zhengzhou City and Wuhan City with 70% business growth
  • The i-Study learning tablet grew by 200%
  • The to-C hardware successfully demonstrated at the 18th of Junethe Online shopping festival with an increase of 108% over the previous year
  • The Smart Assistant program started in Anhui Province and rolled out across China, which provides medical services and assistance to over 100 million citizens and more than 380,000 base station doctors
  • Digital Jianghua stands ready to lead the provinces in developing an intelligent urban development model
  • The Turing platform has developed into a leading provider of digitization for small and medium-sized companies

In this rapidly changing era, iFLYTEK continues to pursue strategic goals. In particular, iFLYTEK will:

  • Stay true to value creation with a scientific spirit
  • See things dialectically and scientifically to avoid short-term fears
  • Get out of our comfort zone and embrace a bigger stage with a scientific mind

Stay true to value creation with a scientific spirit

Since its inception, the core value of iFLYTEK has been “Realize employees’ dreams, create values ​​for society”. This value relates to a positive approach to innovation aimed at contributing to society in a number of sectors, particularly education and health care.

IFLYTEK’s AI platforms add value by relieving teachers and students in schools by teaching students according to their abilities. iFLYTEK is successful because this aptitude orientation, which is in line with the idea of ​​redesigning the school as the main study location, relieves the students. By replacing old methods with individualized learning, we not only support intelligent learning machines but also promote efficiency and give children more time for creative thinking. Student grades have improved while study times have been reduced: for example, a student can save 48% more time and practice 32% fewer exercises to master a subject. With the iFLYTEK learning aid, students now have more time to play, explore and satisfy their curiosity.

iFLYTEK also creates value in healthcare by providing better and faster responses to medical emergencies. The pandemic control and prevention system was critical to a COVID-19 resurgence in Heifei City and in Guangzhou, iFLYTEK’s intelligent pandemic prevention and control system enabled a rapid response to a pandemic. After the Nansha district of Guangzhou Announcing that they would step up efforts to fight the pandemic, the smartphone chat robot in our system immediately phoned 5,464 high-risk citizens to check their health and provide contact tracing services. Within an hour, the system identified 853 people who had traveled to medium and high risk regions and 110 people who had not done nucleic acid tests.

See things dialectically and scientifically to avoid short-term anxiety.

iFLYTEK has broken new ground in transformative technologies over and over again in the course of its history. However, the company’s approach is scientific and relies on persistent in-depth research on a particular solution to ensure iFLYTEK has the best knowledge on the matter. The company’s language technology research spanned everything from speech synthesis to speech recognition and from machine learning to understanding natural language. This scientific approach enables iFLYTEK to be innovative and leading in the long term.

Many parents worry about their children’s grades early in school, but forget that education is also important to arouse children’s curiosity. iFLYTEK can help in this area. Through the program “Teaching by Talent”, students acquire better knowledge and gain time for more innovative activities. Parents who attend will better understand which subjects are best for their children, and by empowering students to pursue their strengths, society will be better equipped. These are some of iFLYTEK’s key contributions to a more diverse talent selection and rating system. As we continue to work to unburden students and parents through the scientific mind and method, we will remain loyal to value creation at a time when many people are fearful of what is to come.

Leave our comfort zone and step onto a bigger stage with a scientific spirit

Throughout iFLYTEK’s history, the company has consistently chosen to step outside of its comfort zone to push the boundaries of technology and innovation.

Our technology has evolved from speech synthesis to speech recognition and then to semantic understanding; the applicable languages ​​began with Chinese, then English, which later allowed several languages; Innovations in language technology continued with advances in imagery; from perception to knowledge; from making machines that can listen and speak to machines that can understand and think. These successive breakthroughs have made us stronger, and because of our progressive mentality, we pioneered AI, building the only State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Intelligence and one of the first four Open AI Platforms.

iFLYTEK was not complacent with the language learning and intelligent test assessment as we continued to develop the Teaching Based on Aptitude program to provide students with a high quality and balanced education. iFLYTEK has not stopped at electronic medical records or an intelligent medical assistant, but has also developed the intelligent pandemic prevention and control system that has made a significant contribution to the fight against COVID-19.

If we want to step onto a bigger stage, we have to do things that further increase our capabilities and push us to further innovate. Leaving our comfort zone is our method of risk prevention, and that is what we need to do to achieve our dream of creating a better world through AI



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