Microsoft is working on a machine learning based display and upgrade system


Microsoft is working on a new system for Introduction of e-upgrades per Xbox Series X and S., Based on machine learning. Everything runs through the DirectML API (DirectX 12 library specially designed for machine learning) which will be key to improving performance on your consoles and strengthening your technological edge over the competition.

The solutions proposed by Epic, Nvidia and AMD have already shown that advanced upscaling technologies are one of the keys to increasing it Graphics quality Without sacrificing performance, so you don’t always have to rely on new hardware to make progress on it.

That’s why Microsoft is hiring engineers experienced in computer graphics and machine learning to explore ways to improve traditional rendering pipelines using neural networks and other reconstruction algorithms. Ideal candidates should have at least five years of software development experience and knowledge of graphics, machine learning, or data science.

Of course, we won’t see any tangible results anytime soon. Something will seem more realistic in a few years. We’ll see what improvements it brings.


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