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Christ Episcopal Church
Colombia, MD
Community administrator job description

Title: Parish Administrator & Assistant to the Rector of Christ Church
Reported to: Rector, Christ Episcopal Church
Status: Regular full-time (30 hours / week)

Position summary: Under the supervision of the Rector, the Parish Administrator & Assistant to the Rector of Christ Church provides general office support to the parish, staff, ward and commissions to assist the Rector in faithful fulfillment of the mission and service of the Christ Episcopal Church . This work includes, but is not limited to: data and file management, building management, telephone and e-mail support, material and inventory management, communication work, management of the use of the church space by parishes and external groups, support of church services and committees and working with volunteers. The Parish Administrator and Assistant to the Rector will be a point of contact for both members and non-members and will be a welcoming and responsive presence in our church’s office. The Parish Administrator and Assistant to the Rector is employed by Christ Church and serves at the discretion of the Rector of Christ Church.

Basic duties

Information management:

  1. Maintain a functioning communication system with the parish and ensure an inviting presence.
  2. Maintain church records, including financial, membership, diocesan, operational, and other operational data, and keep them up to date and accurate.
  3. Prepare reports, registers and other documents from the church registers in a timely manner under the direction of the rector, the sacristy and the committee leadership.
  4. Coordination of the community calendar to facilitate the use of the building by internal and authorized external groups.
  5. Produce and distribute weekly e-meetings and monthly community newsletters by e-mail and mail when the communications coordinator is unavailable
  6. Assistance in the preparation and distribution of marketing materials as directed.
  7. Submit information to the webmaster and help manage the Church’s online presence (website and Facebook pages, online advertising, etc.).
  8. Any other responsibility that the rector can assign

Administrative support:

  1. Assisting the Rector, Music Director and others in developing the annual community calendar
  2. Make sure you have a welcoming and helpful presence in the parish office.
  3. Update rector about the daily activities in the parish
  4. Support the rector and the spiritual life commission by organizing the annual congregation, the fasting book, the advent and fasting days, and supporting the volunteers at the annual congregation meeting
  5. Meet with the principal every morning to evaluate daily activities and preparations
  6. Respond to requests for information and resources via email, phone, and personal visits.
  7. Providing administrative support to committees and ministries, including: preparing meeting documents or publishing minutes; Making copies of documents, sending mailings, etc.
  8. Supervision of church sextons and child day care workers
  9. Order supplies and equipment as authorized.
  10. Coordination with the accountant to keep the financial accounts of the municipality.
  11. Coordinate with the providers as delegated by the Rector, Wardens and the Building & Grounds Committee.
  12. Communicate regularly with the rector, parishioners, and overseers about facility-related needs, including setting up and cleaning for special occasions.
  13. Create duty rosters, correspondence and other documents.
  14. Coordinate and maintain church office volunteers
  15. Sort incoming mail and send community and other outgoing mail
  16. Supervise all outside contractors on the Church campus
  17. Maintain and manage the rector and parish calendar

Pastoral care:

  1. Inform the rector of any pastoral care needs and maintain confidentiality
  2. Notify the Parish Ministries Coordinator about:
  • New families in the parish
  • All transitions in the parish birth, adoption, marriage and death
  • Any need that has nothing to do with clerics “
  • In-rich need for meals
  • Baptism dates
  1. Make sure that all gifts for those baptized are properly labeled and ready for distribution

Liturgy support:

  1. Help prepare and proofread worship materials and bulletins for Sunday mornings and other services. This core task of the head of the parish office, which is currently being carried out by the music director, will take place after a more comprehensive consultation on 1.
  2. Prepare information on flower donations, help coordinate lesson and duty rosters, and send reminders as planned.
  3. Help with keeping track of the liturgical calendar and planning church events as needed.
  4. Maintain the parish roster

Voluntary support:

  1. Support in the recruitment, coordination and disposition of volunteers as required under the direction of the Rector or the direction of the committee.
  2. Organize the workflow and ensure a tidy and usable office environment to enable effective use of volunteers.
  3. Support in the coordination of special events.

Record and computer management:

  1. Manage and maintain the Christ Church database
  2. Coordinate all computers and equipment for the Christ Church office
  3. Manage Christ Church’s computer and software needs
  4. Keeping church records for weddings, funerals, baptisms, memberships, and broadcasts
  5. Update the constant contact with visitor information before Thursday

Financial management:

  1. Responsible for securing the funds raised during the week
  2. Make sure all funds are deposited into the Christ Church bank account
  3. Submit a weekly certified cashier’s report to the treasurer of the funds raised for all services
  4. Maintain data on parish membership dues, commitments, offers without commitments, and community rents
  5. Create and distribute quarterly reports for community members with ACS-REALM
  6. Negotiate and monitor contracts with Christ Church vendors
  7. Maintenance and budgeting of the office cash desk
  8. Manage and budget Christ Church credit card accounts with Staples, Office Depot, Quill, Lowes, and Home Depot
  9. Manage and pay office bills
  10. Prepare and manage the office budget
  11. Manage employee calendars and vacations
  12. Other responsibilities that may arise from time to time

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  1. Strong writing and grammar skills, including proofreading.
  2. Knowledge of Microsoft Word Processing, Excel, Publisher, spreadsheets and database applications including ACS-REALM
  3. Competent with social media, constant contact, website application, graphic design
  4. Demonstrated organizational skills, including calendar, project coordination and prioritization.
  5. Ability to manage the workload effectively.
  6. Effective written and spoken communication skills.
  7. Ability to maintain confidentiality about people and information at all times.
  8. Knowledge of office etiquette and effective communication skills. Basic knowledge of accounting and ordering.
  9. Knowledge of sourcing goods, including the ability to research supplier prices and negotiate costs.
  10. Welcoming disposition, willingness to accept and serve all who come to Christ Church
  11. You must have in-depth knowledge of plant maintenance
  12. Must be able to lift 20 pounds.
  13. Must pass background research to meet church requirements.


  1. Vacation: 2 weeks paid (pro rata over the year according to the number of days worked)
  2. 7 paid holidays: New Year; Easter (Monday after), Memorial Day, June 19, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas
  3. 8 paid staff / sick days (pro rata over the year; staff days are agreed with the rector)
  4. 2 days of training
  5. Flexible hours: At peak times, additional hours may be required, which can be offset by free time after consultation with the rector
  6. Training budget provided
  7. This position includes the right to health, dental and disability insurance as well as a performance-related pension


  • At least 3 years of work experience in the office, including communication, is required.
  • Experience in church or other ministry is desirable.
  • A Bachelor / Associate degree in administration, communication or a related field is required.

To apply, submit a resume and cover letter by July 21, 2021.


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