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OneAssist from IEC Telecom supports employees in completing tasks via virtual remote support.

The hands-free video solution was developed with the specific needs of remote workers in mind. The pandemic made even more clear how intrinsic satellite connectivity has become to doing business and the importance of live connectivity and communication with others.

OneAssist enables field workers to share snapshots of ongoing problems on site, receive live technical support from land experts, and easily access all of their organizations’ knowledge resources over a secure communications link.

Developed as part of the new OptiConnect suite from IEC Telecom, OneAssist is supported by DigiGone and is a communication solution no matter how remote the region may be. Fully aligned with IoT data visualization, it offers unmatched noise cancellation and speech recognition in noisy areas, ensuring operational efficiency and the safety of remote workers.

According to IEC Telecom, the global remote monitoring and control systems market is projected to reach $ 135,190.5 million by 2027, an annual growth rate of 10.3 percent.

“Remote maintenance and control offer real-time monitoring of a company’s assets and help keep costs down. In today’s business environment, you can’t expect to be competitive without remote maintenance technology, ”said Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO Asia, Middle East & CIS, IEC Telecom Group. “Sending a technician to physically examine and fix a problem comes with costly logistics and expenses like fuel, insurance, and inherent labor costs that can add up quickly. It’s much more effective to use remote systems that work even in low bandwidth environments and are extremely easy to use, ”he added.

“OneAssist is perfect for remote collaboration with video and audio calls with multiple participants. It’s easily accessible via a high-resolution display on a rugged headset attached to a helmet. This hands-free approach saves the time field workers or technicians spend reading a printed manual, and nearly 80 percent of problems can be resolved quickly with such remote access, ”said Ben Soussia.

OptiConnect’s portfolio of applications includes OneHealth, a portable digital telemedicine kit; OneMonitor, video surveillance software with advanced remote access; and OneTeam, a video conferencing application. These state-of-the-art solutions are specially optimized for remote locations and enable cost-effective connectivity around the globe.

“Remote maintenance technologies such as OneAssist can improve the service life of systems by 20 percent and save up to 40 percent of the costs of conventional installations. In addition, remote maintenance is more sustainable, efficient and effective to ensure business continuity under unpredictable and constantly evolving circumstances, ”commented Mr. Ben Soussia.

“As the need and ability to reach remote locations worldwide increase, integration with IEC Telecom’s OneAssist will provide cost-effectiveness and life-saving solutions to the customers we serve. Minimizing risk, providing reliable access and improving the reach of our customers are the focus of our solutions. We are excited and proud to work with IEC to deliver on this promise, ”said Michael Dunleavy, President of DigiGone.



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