Far-Field Speech and Speech Recognition Market – Excellent CAGR + 24% by 2028 || Qualcomm Inc, Sensory Inc, STMicroelectronics NV, Synaptics, Texas Instruments, Harman International Industries, Andrea Electronics Corporation, Cirrus Logic, Microsemi Corporation, DSP Group, Knowles Corporation



Far-field speech and speech recognition market is projected to reach USD 3.5 billion at a CAGR of + 24% over the forecast period 2021-28.

Speech recognition, also known as automatic speech recognition (ASR), computer speech recognition, or speech-to-text, is a skill that enables a program to process human speech into a written format.

Speech or speech recognition software allows you to enter data into a computer with your voice. More advanced versions of speech recognition software are able to decode the human voice in order to execute an appropriate command. So when you speak into a speech recognition system, your voice is converted to text.

Speech and speech recognition have already started to dominate our domestic life. Smart devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s “Home” hub have had a major impact on the lifestyle of the urban population. Until a few years ago we seemed to be pioneers in touchscreen devices, and now it is believed that the future of consumer electronics will be hands-free.

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Main actors in the market:

Synaptics Inc. (USA), Texas Instruments Inc. (USA), Qualcomm Inc. (USA), Sensory Inc. (USA), STMicroelectronics NV (Switzerland), Harman International Industries, Inc. (USA), Andrea Electronics Corporation (USA )), Cirrus Logic Inc. (USA), Microsemi Corporation (USA), DSP Group, Inc. (USA), Knowles Corporation (USA), Meeami Technologies, Inc. (USA), Alango Technologies Ltd (Israel), Fortemedia, Inc (USA) and VOCAL Technologies, Ltd (USA).

The market study for far-field speech and speech recognition guarantees that you will receive better advice than your competition. With structured tables and figures examining far-field speech and speech recognition, the research document gives you a leading product, sub-markets, sales size and forecast to 2028. It also ranks emerging and leading companies in the industry by comparison.

This study also includes company profiles, specifications and product pictures, sales, market shares, and contact information of various regional, international, and local vendors in the global Far-Field Speech and Speech Recognition Market. With the rise of scientific innovation and M&A activity in the industry, market resistance often increases. In addition, many local and regional vendors offer specific application products for different end users. The new dealer applicants in the market have a hard time competing with the international suppliers due to the reliability, quality and modernity in technology.

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Market segmentation

By component

  • Microphones
  • digital signal processors
  • software

With a microphone solution

  • single microphone
  • linear arrays
  • circular arrangements

On application

  • Infotainment system in the vehicle
  • Smart TV
  • smart speakers
  • robotics
  • intelligent thermostats
  • intelligent lighting
  • Other

By region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East and Africa
  • rest of the world

What to Expect from this Report on Far-Field Speech and Speech Recognition Market?

  1. A comprehensive breakdown of multiple territorial distributions and the summary types of popular products in the far-field speech and speech recognition market.
  2. You can fix the growing databases for your industry when you have information on production costs, product costs, and production costs for the next several years.
  3. In-depth assessment of the slump for new businesses looking to enter the far-field speech and speech recognition market.
  4. How do the major corporations and medium-sized companies generate revenue in the market?
  5. Complete research on the overall development in the Far-Field Speech and Speech Recognition Market to assist you in product launch selection and growth revision.

It provides insight on the five forces of Porter including substitutes, potential players in the market, buyers, industry competitors, and suppliers, with real intelligence to understand the global Far-Field Speech and Speech Recognition market. Additionally, it provides detailed data from vendors including profile, product specifications, sales, applications, annual industry performance, investments, acquisitions and mergers, market size, revenue, market share, and more.

The Conclusions of the Global Expert Survey Report 2021 for the Far-Field Speech and Speech Recognition Market include: Methodology, Analyst Introduction, and Statistics Offering. In the end, the analysis includes the SWOT analysis of the far-field language and speech recognition, the study of investment bias, the study of the investment in research and the development trend.

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