The best gifts for gourmets at home


Restaurants appeared in the most unexpected places this year – in parking lots, garages, driveways, and yes, in the home kitchen. Skilled workers on leave, self-taught Master chef ambitious restaurateurs and budding restaurateurs have turned the abundance of lemons of 2020 into an impressive lemonade. While these home gourmet chefs may have stocked up on the essentials, some are over the top, special and tasty gifts will make your home restaurant game even better.


Caviar can refine any savory or even sweet dish, regardless of the skill of the chef. A dollop of butter noodles? Very impressive! In addition, every small bite tastes special, so that the extravaganza can continue until New Year’s Eve. The Caviar Co., based in San Francisco, supplies elegant gift sets made from smoked trout roe, white sturgeon, paddle fish, Russian osetra, and more, complete with creme fraiche, blini, and mother-of-pearl caviar spoons. Starts at $ 60,

Top class spices

Freshly dried spices from good sources can take any style of cooking to the next level, in sauces, marinades, dry rubs or as a garnish. Spice House’s spices come from all over the world and come in stylish bottles with matte labels that are sure to be given away. Seasoned chefs try The Spice Trader gift box, which comes with Aleppo pepper, Saigon cinnamon, and other global products. $ 148,

ra king salmon

New Zealand’s premium salmon rated a Best choice from the “Seafood Watch” of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Ōra King Salmon is now available for private consumers and not just for restaurants. The bright orange color and high oil content make it an excellent fillet to play with at home in the restaurant. Starts at $ 89

Imported tropical fruits

Tropical Fruit Box supplies seasonal, Caribbean products that any savvy home cook will love. The new Tropical Holiday Box contains cachucha peppers, giant avocados, sugar cane, sour oranges, yuga and more, as well as recipes. Del Montes special pinkglow pineapples and other add-ons are available for a special treat. Starts at $ 79,

Artisanal bread basket

Any restaurant worth it starts the meal with an excellent basket of bread, and a home restaurant should be no exception. Bread Basket NYC ships freshly baked, artisanal breads, baguettes, cookies, and more across the country. $ 45, Bread

Korean BBQ kit

New York’s Samwon Garden expanded into a ready-to-eat butcher this year, offering several Korean home grill sets that are both fun and easy to enjoy without leaving your home. The frozen selection includes thinly sliced ​​galbi, ribs, soups and more for that special warming meal that is worth a winter night to stay at home. Starts at $ 169,

Non-stick coated pot

A gourmet cook can never have enough pots. The new line of cookware from Kümmel is extremely stylish, and the multi-colored pot is no exception. The oven-safe, durable non-stick pan with ceramic-coated inside makes cooking easier and looks good to live on the stove. $ 109. Kü

A ham leg

Straight from Italy and to Lidl, the budget supermarket known for affordable versions of luxury groceries, is a 15 pound Maestri Prosciutto Italiano leg. Yes, that’s a whole cured prosciutto leg, compete with a stand and knife for the perfect carving. $ 99, Lidl stores


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